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Fulda Area Credit Union - Where membership is ownership.

“Our mission is to provide quality financial services for our members in a convenient and cost effective manner."

News from Fulda Area Credit Union

Important Notice

***** WARNING:

If you receive a check from Fulda Area Credit Union, that you were not expecting, please contact us immediately!


***** New card? No problem.

We’ll help keep your card information updated. Save your Fulda Area Credit Union debit/credit card for things like bill payments and online purchases — and we can update your payment info automatically when it changes and your card is re-issued.*

• Skip the hassles of updating your payment info
• Avoid declined payments
• Prevent service interruptions

Save your card today and enjoy simpler updates with many billers and merchants. *Not all merchants participate in automatic updates. Updates are not guaranteed before the next billing cycle.
to opt out click here .



If you are concerned about this data breach, please go to
to determine if your information was compromised.
or go to

for more information on what to do if your information was compromised.


Important Notice

Please note that effective September 15, 2017, a new federal rule allowing for faster processing of debits from your financial accounts (at Fulda Area Credit Union and at all other financial institutions), goes into effect. This rule was put into place by the Electronic Payments Association, known as NACHA, and impacts all financial institutions, merchants, and consumers. What this rule means is that when checks are given to merchants or online payments are scheduled with businesses, such as your utility company, the amount of the debit may be withdrawn from your account the day the charge is made. Previously, the debit could have taken as long as 1-2 days. Checks should never be written or payments scheduled when sufficient funds are not in your account to cover the entire amount of the purchase or payment. With the implementation of this new rule, this becomes more important than in previous years. Fulda Area Credit Union provides members with easy-to-use tools to manage your accounts and to effortlessly monitor how much money is in your account. Use Fulda Area Credit Union’s free mobile app or online home banking to set account alerts, transfer funds, and schedule payments. Visit fuldaareacreditunion.com to login to your accounts to set up the alerts.


A partir del día 15 de septiembre del 2017, una nueva ley federal permitirá un proceso más rápido de los débitos a su cuenta financiera (de Fulda Area Credit Union y de todas las demás instituciones). Esta regla fue puesta en efecto por la Asociación de Pagos Electrónicos, conocida como NACHA (por sus siglas en inglés) e impacta a todas las instituciones financieras, comerciantes y consumidores. Lo que esta regla significa es que cuando usted dé un cheque a un comerciante o tenga pagos programados por internet con negocios como la compañía de luz, la cantidad del débito será retirada el día que el cargo es hecho. Anteriormente, el débito se tomaba uno o dos días. Cheques no deben ser escritos o pagos no deben ser programados cuando los fondos no estén en su cuenta y sean suficientes para cubrir la cantidad completa de la compra o el pago. Con la implementación de esta nueva regla, esto se hace más importante que en los años previos. Fulda Area Credit Union provee a sus miembros con herramientas fáciles de usar para manejar sus cuentas y monitorear sin esfuerzo cuanto dinero tiene en su cuenta. Use la aplicación móvil gratuita o la banca en línea para establecer alertas en su cuenta, transferir fondos o programar pagos. Visite fuldaareacreditunion.com para iniciar sesión en sus cuentas y establecer las alertas.

Do you Kasasa?

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We now offer Kasasa Checking accounts that reward you for banking you already do!* Choose which checking account suits you best!

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WINcentive Savings - Now Available!

WINcentive™ Savings is a savings account that offers you the chance to win cash prizes from a state-wide drawing. WINcentive Savings offers prize drawing entries in return for each time you increase your month-over-month savings balance by $25 (up to 4 entries per month) *. Prize drawings occur monthly, quarterly and annually – so the more you save, the more chances you have to win!

Click here to learn more & for a list of recent Winners!

1000 winner

Mobile App

Mobile App on iPad

Our mobile app is now available on your iPad! You can download the Fulda Area Credit Union mobile app to your Droid phone, iPhone or iPad. To download for Droid, please go to Google Play on your phone. To download for the iPad and iPhone, go to the App Store on your and search for Fulda CU Mobile App. Please note: you need to be enrolled in home banking in order to retrieve account information on the mobile app.

Credit Union Member Discounts from Sprint

Member Cellular Discounts with Sprint

Phone Banking

Our phone banking has changed to a toll-free number. For phone banking, please call 855-368-6527.

last edited on 08/11/17