VISA Credit Card

Members of the Fulda Area Credit Union are eligible to apply for our Visa® credit card. Our Visa® credit card offers competitive interest rates and access to online account information through this website. Talk to a credit union representative for details or to request an application. You may apply for either the Visa Classic credit card or the Visa Platinum Preferred Rewards ScoreCard credit card .

All credit cards will be reissued with a new EMV Micro-Chip credit card upon expiration of your current card. This improvement increases the security features of your credit card. 

If you would like to transfer high interest credit card account balances to your Fulda Area Credit Union Visa® credit card, come in to our Fulda, Worthington, Windom, Jackson and Mt. Lake branches to request the transfer. The requested transfers cannot exceed your available credit and the credit card must be in good standing to qualify for the balance transfer option.

Visa Purchase Alerts

You can enroll your Fulda Area Credit Union Visa credit or debit card in Visa Purchase Alerts. Enrolling your card(s) provides benefits such as:

  • Security - Keep your account secure by getting alerts for transactions in real-time and immediately identify potentially fraudulent activity.

  • Control - Take an active role by tracking spending and staying on top of account balances.

  • Convenience - Choose your alerts to make sense for you. They are not predetermined.

To enroll click here and check the eligibility of the card by entering the first nine (9) digits of the card number. Once it's determined the card is eligible, follow the enrollment steps.

EMV Micro-Chip Technology

Your Fulda Area Credit Union debit and credit cards will be upgraded with new features upon expiration. This upgraded feature is known as EMV micro-chip technology which enhances fraud protection, providing an additional level of security for your transactions.

Micro-chips enable a more secure process by creating unique data identifying your debit card and transaction. This process increases the difficulty to counterfeit.

When your current Fulda Area Credit Union debit and/or card naturally expires, you will be issued a new card with these enhanced security features. Using your new card is easy! During a transaction, such as purchasing groceries, you will insert your debit card into the card reader. This is a different technique than “swiping” your card. The retail card reader will prompt you to remove your card after the transaction has been processed.

In addition to the micro-chip technology, your card will continue to have a magnetic strip on the back so it can be used at retailers who are not equipped with the EMV micro-chip readers.

EMV cards do not completely eliminate card fraud, but it does make a significant difference on your security protection.



Q: What is an EMV chip-enabled card?

A: EMV chip cards contain embedded microprocessors that provide strong transaction security features and other application capabilities not possible with traditional magnetic stripe cards.

Q: When will I receive my new chip-enabled card?

A: Your debit and/or credit card will be upgraded to an EMV chip-enabled card upon the expiration of your current card.

Q: Will my card work if I swipe to pay?

A: Yes, if a merchant is not yet chip-enabled, your card will continue to work by swiping to pay.

Q: Has my card information changed?

A: Your card number and PIN have not changed. Although your expiration date is new, so be sure to update your information with companies who automatically bill your card (automatic payments).

Q: How does chip technology protect my information?

A: When you use your card at a chip-enabled terminal, the embedded chip generates a unique transaction code. This prevents stolen data from being fraudulently used.

Q: Where can I use my chip-enabled card?

A: You can use your card at any merchant who accepts Visa. Although the merchant may not be chip-enabled yet, your card will still work if you swipe to pay.

Q: Will I have to pay any fees to use my chip-enabled card?

A: No. There will be no additional fees to use your new card.